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Yoni Mapping is a sexual empowerment coaching that helps you understand your body’s pleasure zones and discover the potential of your Yoni through massage and de-armouring. Yoni mapping is like taking a guided tour of your sacred feminine space. Through gentle massage and soft exploration, you are expertly guided by your Yoni massage practitioner to release any trauma, pain, or numbness, allowing you to embrace your whole self and radiate from within. Once the internal roadblocks are out of the way, you’ll be able to experience pleasure more freely and finally embrace those mind-blowing full body energetic orgasms.


Embark on a guided tour of self-discovery with your Yoni massage practitioner, Skye Stevenson. I will help you embrace the pleasure & fulfilment you deserve. Contact us today to begin your transformation journey through Yoni Mapping sexual awakening journey.

What I often hear after a yoni session

I Wholeheartedly Believe That I Can Provide You With The Support You Need Because

  • I transformed from believing I was broken, one of the 1% who couldn't experience orgasm, to now experiencing incredible, full-bodied pleasure.
  • I felt sexually unsatisfied & powerless and blamed my partners for the cause of it. After embodying tantric yoni massage, I experienced sexual freedom, which gave me the confidence to initiate men into tantric sex to form a more meaningful connection.
  • I overcame sexual abuse and trauma responses and went from traumatic to sensual and multi-orgasmic through Yoni Mapping.
  • As a Yoni massage practitioner, I have supported many women in overcoming vibrator addiction & rediscovering the pleasure of mind-blowing orgasms that leave them on a high for days.
  • I've supported people in clearing energetic blockages and overcoming sexual challenges, leading them to discover pregnancy the very next month.
  • As a mamma myself, I have helped other mammas reconnect to their bodies postpartum, helping them feel connected and complete once again.


Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, my focus is on enjoying the experience of watching and growing my family, so I don’t have any immediate travel plans; Physically, I only offer Yoni massage in Perth. However, if you’re interested, I invite you to our online Zoom mentoring sessions. If you are interested, you can register for our transformative journey focused on g-spot orgasm and female ejaculation. Over the course of several weeks, we come together to explore the 7 steps to sexual freedom: Shame, Detachment, Pain/Numbness, Discovery, Connection, High Sexual Self-Worth, and Sexual Freedom. It’s an opportunity to embark on a powerful and empowering journey from the comfort of your own space.

This all depends on where you are currently within your sexuality. What are your intentions for wanting this type of sexual coaching session & your goals? What do you hope to walk away with? If you are unsure, then get in touch with our expert Yoni massage practitioner by sending an email to or booking a discovery call and filling out the enquiry form.

Yes. This is completely normal, it means you are right where you need to be. The process of unveiling through Yoni mapping is already starting.

When making a booking for Yoni mapping, please avoid booking the session 1-2 days around your menstruation cycle.

Yes, Yoni mapping is a beautiful gift to receive without any exceptions or obligations to do anything in return. Tantric yoni massage allows the physical and the emotional body to heal. It raises your vibration, clears sexual blockages, and restores awareness to areas of numbness. No two Yoni massage sessions are ever the same, meaning you’ll receive a unique sensual experience from each sexual coaching session.

It brings me great joy in my heart that this work is now more accessible. Women sharing their stories will help heal the world one at a time. Please keep in mind that each individual’s needs are unique, and so can the results. Your Yoni mapping experience can be different from someone else. A yoni massage is an advanced practice that can be transformative, but it may not be the best starting point for inner healing. It’s important to understand that there are usually several sessions before reaching a yoni mapping session. To find the approach that’s right for you, take advantage of our free discovery call. We’ll discuss your needs and help you choose the best option.

No. If your motivation for booking a Yoni mapping session is to learn how to orgasm, then I want to encourage you to utilise my complimentary discovery call. Female sexuality is very complex, and it is important to gain an understanding of your history. As your Yoni Mapping Practitioner, I want to talk about your wants, needs, your relationship history, and the situation you find yourself in currently. This will allow me to gauge where you are at and how I can offer you a customised sexual coaching plan to restore your sexual desire so you can feel sexually confident and experience sexual freedom and the mind-blowing orgasms that you know you deserve.

Yoni Massage helps to remove any tension in the pelvic floor, both physical and emotional. It’s known for its profound healing. I’ve personally witnessed clients who have fallen pregnant within the month both unplanned and those who have been trying for months after receiving a yoni massage.

Yoni massage is a sacred healing where a woman gets to receive unconditional loving sensual touch with no pressure of having to do anything in return (most women haven’t experienced this type of touch before) and it’s within this safe container a woman feels truely safe and seen and accepted for who she is in her essence. (At her core)

In this space a woman gets to tap into her sensual body and clears the tunnel of energetic blockages in those lower chakras. Yoni massage can also be a gift to receive after giving birth (supports in healing any birth trauma and to connect a woman back to her yoni intimately )

Show packages

Tantric De-armouring

Your Journey to Inner Healing Begins Here!
  • Tantric body de-armouring prepares us to let go of unhealthy patterns in the mind and blockages in the body, after releasing trauma the body stored over the years, we are then able to experience joy, bliss, calmness. Tantric De-armouring is the preparation the nervous system requires, prior exploring advanced tantric practices eg; yoni massage, and full body energy orgasms, one must tune the body into its capacity to experience expanded states of pleasure.
  • Kundalini Breath work
  • Experience profound healing through Tantric De-armouring techniques
  • Release and let go of past traumas and emotional blockages
  • Focused approach to trauma healing & emotional revival and freedom
  • Safe and supportive environment for your healing journey, where you can indulge in a yoni massage to bring comfort and healing to areas of numbness
  • 7 hours complete support and Follow up Support

Yoni Massage

10 week Journey into Sexual Confidence
  • Deepening personal intimacy and increasing the relationship with your body through self-love as you discover how to restore awareness to areas of numbness or pain. Expanding your experiences of pleasure so that you may experience new sensations and orgasmic states
  • Explore genuine and comprehensive sexual education
  • Perfect for individuals without trauma seeking deeper sexual knowledge
  • Delve into G-spot awakening for heightened sexual pleasure
  • Learn techniques for female ejaculation
  • Guided audio practices for enhanced learning and integration
  • Receive weekly homework to reinforce your progress
  • Experience the transformative power of Yoni Massage
  • Dedicated follow-up sessions
  • Comprehensive support of 9.5 hours

Sexual Liberation Mentorship

4 Month Liberation Mentorship
  • In this sexual liberation mentorship session, our pleasure educator will empower you to fully embrace your sexual potential and experience profound pleasure and fulfillment. To discover further information about this sexual empowerment coaching program, please book a discovery call.
  • Ideal for those who want to develop a solid foundation in sexuality, self-Understanding & confidence, and freedom from Shame, Fear, Anxiety, and Guilt
  • Uniting Package One and Two
  • Enhanced with 5 Extra Energy Orgasmic Sessions
  • 2 Rejuvenating Yoni Massage Sessions
  • 6 Hours of Body De-armouring
  • G-Spot Awakening & Female Ejaculation Training
  • Guided Audio Practices
  • Ongoing Weekly Voice Chat Support
  • Personalized Follow-Up Session
  • Comprehensive 24-hours support