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what is yoni Massage ?

Yoni Mapping is about understanding your body’s pleasure zones and discovering the potential of your Yoni through massage and de-armouring. Yoni mapping is like taking a guided tour of your sacred feminine space. Through gentle massage and soft exploration, you are expertly guided to release any trauma, pain or numbness and return your Yoni to be the centre of bliss and the miracle it was created to be. This opens up your mind, body and spirit to embrace your whole self and radiate from the inside out. Once the internal roadblocks are out of the way, you’ll be able to experience pleasure more freely and finally embrace those mind-blowing full body energetic orgasms.

What I often hear after a yoni session

I am confident in my heart that I can support you because

  • I went from thinking i was broken, you know that 1% that can’t orgasm. To experiencing full outta body pleasure
  • I felt sexually unsatisfied, powerless and blamed my partners for the cause of it. After embodying tantra, I experienced sexual freedom which gave me the confidence to initiated men into tantric sex to form a more meaningful connection
  • I overcame sexual abuse, trauma responses and went from traumatic to multi orgasmic
  • I supported many women to overcome vibrator addiction and re-awaken to experience mind blowing orgasms that leave you on a high for days
  • I've supported people to clear energetic blockages to discover they were pregnant the very next month
  • As a mamma myself I have helped other Mamma's reconnect to their body postpartum to feel connected and whole again


Frequently Asked Questions

I currently have no intentions to travel in the near future ( I’m enjoying watching and intend to grow the family) You may be interested in some zoom mentoring, my suggestion would be to register for our online g-spot orgasm and female ejaculation journey where each week we come together to work through the 7 steps to sexual freedom Shame, Detachment Pain/Numb, Discovery, Connection, High sexual self worth, Sexual freedom.

This all depends on where you are at currently within your sexuality. What are your intentions for wanting this type of session & your goals? What do you hope to walk away with? If you are unsure then please send an email to or book in a discovery call and fill out the intake form.

Yes. This is completely normal, it means you are right where you need to be. The process of the unveiling is starting already 🙂

When making a booking please don’t book the session 1-2 days around your menstruation cycle.

Yes, Yoni mapping is a beautiful gift to receive without any exceptions or obligations to do anything in return. Tantric massage allows the physical and the emotional body to heal, It raise’s your vibration and clears sexual blockages, restores awareness to areas of numbness. No two Yoni massage is every the same, meaning you’ll receive a beautiful gift from each booking.  

It brings me great joy in my heart that this work is now more accessible. Women sharing their stories will help heal the world one at a time. Please keep in mind that each individuals needs are unique. 

No. If your motivation for booking a yoni mapping session is to learn how to orgasm, then I want to encourage you to utilise my complimentary discovery call. . Female sexuality is very complex and it is important to gain an understanding of your history. This is the time we talk about your wants, needs, your previous relationship history and the situation you find yourself in. This will allow me to gauge where you are at and how I can create a plan and solution to re-awaken your sexual desire so you can feel sexually confident, experience sexual freedom and the mind blowing orgasms that you know you deserve.

Yoni Massage helps to remove any tension in the pelvic floor, both physical and emotional. It’s known for its profound healing. I’ve personally witnessed clients who have fallen pregnant within the month both unplanned and those who have been trying for months after receiving a yoni massage.

Yoni massage is a sacred healing where a woman gets to receive unconditional loving sensual touch with no pressure of having to do anything in return (most women haven’t experienced this type of touch before) and it’s within this safe container a woman feels truely safe and seen and accepted for who she is in her essence. (At her core)

In this space a woman gets to tap into her sensual body and clears the tunnel of energetic blockages in those lower chakras.

Yoni massage can also be a gift to receive after giving birth (supports in healing any birth trauma and to connect a woman back to her yoni intimately )

Show packages


Surrender & Evolve
$800 / AUD
  • Tantric body de-armouring prepares us to let go of unhealthy patterns in the mind and blockages in the body so we can fully explore sexual energy. To experience sexual ecstasy, we must first prepare our nervous system and tune our body into its capacity to experience expanded states of pleasure.
  • De-armouring + Yoni Massage
  • 7 hours total support

Yoni Massage

10 week Journey into Sexual Confidence
$1200 AUD
  • Deepening personal intimacy and increasing the relationship with your body through self-love as you discover how to restore awareness to areas of numbness or pain. Expanding your experiences of pleasure so that you may experience new sensations and orgasmic states
  • G- Spot Awakening & Female Ejaculation Training
  • Guided Audio Practices
  • Yoni Massage
  • Follow Up Session
  • Weekly Homework
  • 9.5hours Total Support

Sexual Mastery

4 Month Sexual Liberation Mentorship
$3,440 AUD
  • To discover further information about this program please book in a discovery call.
  • 6 hours Body De-armouring
  • Yoni Massage
  • G-Spot Orgasm Awakening
  • Female Ejaculation Training
  • Solo Energy Orgasm Mastery GroupCoaching
  • Email Support
  • Guided Audio Embodiment Practices
  • Follow Up Session
  • Total 24 hours Support with Skye