How to spice up your

Sex life ?

Awaken into your eroticism

Who shibari for ?



Shibari can be taught in person or over Zoom

Do you have a tendency to control everything in your life and struggle to trust?
Do you feel like you can’t surrender to the flow? frustrated, and burnt out ?

If only you could be more free?
Maybe your tired of feeling used for sexual fetishes and kinks


Perhaps your the opposite and find yourself simply bored
wondering how to spice things up in the bedroom and how to bring back the passion

Are you ready for raw intimate passion


I used to suffer from trust issues! The reality was I’d weak boundaries. 

Hell, I didn’t even know what a boundary was! Guess what ?

 I also blamed my partners for being sexual unsatisfied too. 

Don’t make the same mistakes I did

It’s so important to me that I’m honest with you and how I got to where I am today because I truly believe that all my relationships used to fail when I started to sexually or even intimately withdraw. I remember thinking to myself “why on earth do they want to do that” “ why are they pushing something on me that i’m not into” This was my continuous pattern to relationship disaster.

Would you believe me if I told you………


Rope play is a way to heal the need to control everything in your life ? Rope teaches you how to surrender in your body and into another dimension and when done correctly it has the potency to heal your soul. You will start to experience the feeling of freedom. You begin to understand you desires, you discover your voice and before you know it you’re accepting yourself fully and trusting.

So are you ready to drop into euphoria and welcome the depth of the raw intimacy you so crave?

Want to feel  like you’re on cloud 9?

 I can guide your partner to take you to their safely.


If you’re looking for something new to enhance things in the bedroom, this Japanese inspired technique is as powerful as it is beautiful and elegant.
Shibari came from Samurai warriors and over time has developed into an art form of increasing aesthetic beauty.
More than just “bondage”, Shibari allows you to experience self-surrender and explore power dynamics in an intimate and highly erotic setting.
Shibari practitioners seek to transcend the physical plane, allowing their minds the freedom to heal emotional wounds from a place of raw and pure vulnerability,

Imagine ……

Feeling held in complete safety,  every inch of your body was beinf respected 

Able to let go, trust and surrender into ecstasy

Feeling an intimacy so raw and profound that deep inside you always knew existed just like movie 365 from netflix 

I know it’s hard to believe, paricarty and society have led us to believe that BDSM and kink is some kind or fetish, black leather, chains and whips. Up until now its always been preceived as aggression, non safe, risky, unconsensual, self violation and perhaps raped. That it is all about men’s sexuality?

With the right sex educator you will understand your sexual identity, feel safe, secure, and most importantly confident that your relationship won’t end in divorce. Skye will be here to ensure you build healthy communication tools that are essential when it comes to a successful and well nourished sex life.

The benefits of exploring rope play together

  • Rebalance the feminine and masculine within, achieving harmony in order to give and receive without guilt, fear or shame
  • Exercise trust, power and restraint, for complete surrender and consensual play
  • Explore exotic fantasies and role-play, adding spice and excitement, with options from beginners to advanced
  • Release internal energy blockages and limiting belief patterns, opening themselves up to authentic intimacy and connection

Show packages


Intro to Rope Play (level 1)
$150 / AUD
  • This is for the absolute beginner, Please email if you like to hear receive further information about whats included in this package and each session layout.


(level 2)
$300 / AUD
  • This package is only avaliable to those who have participated in level one. This is tailored to the individuals needs and desires. Level two is more focused on ties for sexual bedroom play

Expert Kinksta

(level 3)
$600 AUD
  • This is for those committed in relationship who would like to seriously spice up their sex life. Includes everything from total beginner to Intermediate, plus discover everything you need to know about introducing sensory kink play safely without ending in arguments or divorce ( whips, floggers, wax, vibrators, suction dildos ). Understand how the body works on a psychological level and how you can take your partner to subspace. Your sex life will never be the same with this once in a lifetime small investment

Fequently Asked Questions

Please wear comfortable clothing. Gym apparel  is best ( No wire bra preferable, no jeans ) we will be practicing on the floor.

You will be able to purchase ropes from my home so you can got back and practice straight away

Yes, depending which package you choose. I do not recommend this for the beginner package as there is just to much to learn, if your wanting your partner to master the art of kinbaku.

Yes. Please email or connect over on instagram, it is best to send me some photos of ideas or concepts and I will be happy to bring your vision to a juicy reality.

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I do not teach suspension due to risk jumping up 60%. It is important for each individual to start their rope journey from a  beginners level and to gain a deep awareness of RACK (Risk,Aware,Consensual,Kink). Those who are at suspension level in the kink community never started their journey from suspension and will admit that it takes the average rigger two years before they start suspending, maybe less if practicing consistently.