"Inner Love" - De-armouring Level 1

Your relationship with yourself is one of the most important relationships you will ever have, your ability to be receptive, tender and vulnerable sets up the foundations for your most intimate relationship, and sets you up for a successful, loving and long-lasting relationship. The Inner love retreat is about healing past traumas and rebuilding this foundation, through gentle De-armouring. 



This retreat is for women, LGBTQI friendly, inclusive, for those who want to heal their past and live a life of freedom


For practitioners, and holistic healers, looking to deepen their practice in relationship and sexuality, and wish to cement their work through more resources to work ethically

The inner Love – De-armouring retreat is a proven ancient healing modality, blending a tapestry of energetic body work, touch work, breath work, trigger point release, and sacred female sexuality practices, cleansing, and more, this body and energy work becomes the PATH-BREAKING point of your OWN BODY REALIZATION, SEXUAL AWAKENINGS, and RE-DISCOVERING yourself.

The term “de-armouring” suggests the process of letting go of defensive mechanisms, tensions, and emotional holdings that have built up in the body over time. These blockages can be a result of past traumas, societal conditioning, or emotional stress, and they are believed to hinder the natural flow of energy throughout the body.

More About De-Armouring

We live in a world where happiness and bliss get distorted as we grow up. Before a child is born, there is a heavenly euphoria surrounding it. Over the years, after birth, the mind and the body are programmed to feel happiness in a certain way and block off feelings and emotions that are not conventional. Consequently, too much pain, anxiety, fear, trauma, guilt, and shame is suppressed in the cellular realms of our physical and mental state. 

The story is true for all of us. We are all into it – the negative emotions affect us, cramping the life force energy, dramatically affecting the way we experience physical intimacy with our ownselves, friends, and lovers.

Thus, detoxification of these emotional and physical tensions becomes crucial to let go of all the suppressed emotions and thoughts. The moment this happens, you are free, liberty you have never experienced. It is pure, childlike bliss – your body, mind, and soul are at a different level of consciousness and one may feel their whole body vibrating post the De-Armouring sessions.

Level 1 of De-Armouring. This Level  we focus on letting go of unhealthy patterns in the mind and blockages in the body that stand in the way of you pursuing the life and the relationships that you want To experience sexual ecstasy, we must first prepare our nervous system and tune our body into its capacity to experience expanded states of pleasure, you may also start to notice more calmness and inner peace in your daily life. This is the Level where Your’e invited to get  you get comfortable with your vulnerabilities.

At Inner Love Retreat, we look at empowering women by rediscovering their sexuality through the reawakening of their femininity and sensuality. This is the first-of-its-kind in Perth, where a strong emphasis is on De-armouring blended in with a concoction of female sexuality through a holistic approach

Relaxation. Transformation. A rejuvenating experience filled with joy and happiness! 

The key highlights of the retreat include the following: 

This is a safe haven to – Learn, heal, evolve – a place where you can freely re-awaken to inner peace, bliss and discover your inner most desires and free your sexual self


How Will De-Armouring Level 1 Benefit YOU?

If this feels in alignment, The Inner love de-armouring, and sacred sexuality retreat would love the opportunity to make a difference in your sexual awakening :

Open the doors to the way for soul-searching your inner self. There is no greater ecstasy than letting go of your inhibitions and fears. With Evolved Lovers, a new YOU awaits you!

About Skye Stevenson, The Facilitator

Skye’s rollercoaster journey resulted in the search for her own self, which also laid the foundation for Evolved Lovers.

Skye has been a victim of bullying, self-consent violations, and sexual abuse during her childhood. She also witnessed numerous failed relationships, which set her on a self-discovery journey. For all the relationships that went kaput, she would naturally lay the blame on the men for the unspoken expectation and insensitivities.

In 2017, she realized that it could be all due to her past traumas, pains, and behavior patterns. This is the beginning of her transformation. However, she was highly dissatisfied with facilitators who had no experience in handling people with past traumas. That’s when she came across her mentors at the Energy Orgasm Retreat. During the De-Armouring sessions, she had her sexual awakening and experienced her full-body orgasm for the first time. That was her blissful moment.

After completing a 500-hour Tantric and Sexuality Educator course with her mentor, she worked as his assistant. One of her biggest retreats was in London, with an attendance of 60 people from about 27 different cultures. Once completely healed of her sexual traumas, Skye decided to take the teachings and learnings to other women, unaware of their sensualities and not at peace with physical intimacy. A mother, she is a compassionate and empathetic facilitator, driven by the purpose of helping women and couples reconnect in their intimate relationships again.

Who is Supporting

Goldie is a Soul Guide + Breathwork Facilitator with extensive experience in specialising in conscious connected trauma informed breathwork, ceremonial pranayama + tantric technique breathwork + traditional pranayama yogic breathing. Goldie believes not one size fits, depending on your challenges from a philosophical, energetic, physical, mental + spiritual dimensions. Goldie’s Breathwork integrates layers of consciousness with shamanic healing + primal forces with kundalini de-armouring + somatic embodiment. Goldie’s sessions are a complete foundation for an intimacy of self-trust in the deepest surrender of your own body, to open, see + feel deeply accepted in all of your human aspects + shadows without judgement. You will re-install courage, integrity + direction into your path, to use your life to remember your soul.

Details of the Next Retreat


We have four shared private bedrooms and shared big room. Shared private bedrooms will be allocated to people booking first.



Check-in is from 3pm on Friday, enjoy the land, pool, relax and meet your sisters, as you land into the space for a 6pm start.

10am Check out Tues

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Payment Options

Early-bird (save $200) Ends Soon

One Time

$ 2000
  • One-off payment for 4 night retreat in luxury resort style, plus all meals included


$ 500 / m
  • $500 Deposit to secure spot + 3 x $500 AUD
  • Total $2000 AUD


$ 100 / w
  • $600 Deposit to secure spot + 16 x $100 weekly payments
  • Total $2200 AUD


$ 97 / w
  • $700 Deposit to secure spot + 17 x $97 fortnightly payments
  • Total $2349AUD


Body De-Armouring and Full Body Energy Orgasm is about discovering your sexuality, which may involve nudity and touch. As a participant, you are not required to do anything and will not be pressured by other participants or facilitators to do anything you are uncomfortable with. You will not need to touch anybody. Your participation and Level of involvement is your decision alone. It is all optional.

The facilitators will guide you in checking in with your body before every session. At every point, you can say NO in case you have had a change of mind. To get comfortable with your body, you are given the option to practice solo or in pairs. Throughout the session, you will be guided by a practised facilitator in embodiment practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is not suitable those that are pregnant
  •  If you suffer from a mental illness
  • If you are currently on any medication, please get in touch with Skye

We’re working really hard to make this accessible for everyone, Skye is figuring out the logistics side of things, so you can expect to see payment plans to suit everyone soon. Please get in touch to see which payment plan suits you best. 

YES, absolutely. Your level of involvement is up to you. Their will be a bodywork session each morning & afternoon.  The first two days are focused on healing trauma and emotional release work, Learning how to receive using a framework model, the third day we learn about activating sexual energy and witness it, through a live demonstration. No one is pressured or coerced to participate in the sexual energy bodywork sessions, the session times are allocated to your healing, you can choose to opt-in or opt-out, you can also use the time to receive more De-armouring/energy healing. Participants will be guided to notice their own boundaries/limit and the facilitators are their to support through it the whole way.

Yes. This is completely normal, it could mean there is something beautiful here waiting for you, there can be great healing. If for any reason you are still unsure, reach out to skye and she will best guide you.

Please get in touch with Skye, regarding your concerns

Yes! You will be sent a link to a guided 10min mediative practice, to prepare the body for whats to come 😀