Are you ready to

Feel sexually alive

Embrace your whole body with confidence



Duration 3hour in person; Erotic play night


Looking for a safe place to explore and learn about kink ? A space that is all about connection driven by consent RACK (Risk aware consensual kink)

Dissolve was birthed to awaken your senses & reclaim aspects of your sexuality that your soul has been secretly been calling for
On the night we will collectively create a safe container right from the beginning through games of exploration
Emotional safety is at the foremost heart of dissolve prior opening up the space for exploration and play.
So if you feel unsure or uncertain yet a pulling of curiosity, rest assure any feelings of anxiousness or nervousness is totally normal as you enter the unknown. Trust your intuition and follow your heart.
This event will not only spark some vulnerability or excitement from the unknown. It’s going to be an eye opening experience as your heart expands and you leave the space feeling more connected to your body.
Throughout the night you will have the choice to observe educational demonstrations at the given times or the opportunity to go off and use the space to explore your desires.

Our passion is to awaken your sensuality & sexuality that most have long repressed. Allowing females/males to come home to their true sexual self expression. dissolve welcome’s exploration through non intimidating practices. Empowering singles and couples to begin to trust their inner voice and know their limits so you can surrender, melting away shamelessly as you explore your inner desires and expand in a safe space you’ll free your sexual self.


Dates: July 15th, Sat

Time:  7.30pm-10.30pm

Cost: $60 Early Bird (Limited Tickets)  

$80 after


$150 Couple/Friend

Location: Twisting peacock

3/ 228 Main St , Osborn Park WA 6017


Duration 8 week online small group coaching program 

This is about learning and becoming present with each other. You will learn how to harness your own life force energy to understand your wants and desires, allowing you to feel and experience more intimacy.

This is for lovers who desire nothing more than deeply enriched touch and for couples who are ready to stop going along with experiences that they don’t want for themselves. So if you are ready to remove the veil and welcome intimacy to a whole new level of heart felt presence.

You will develop the awareness to notice your wants and needs, so you can start to value, trust and communicate it within all your relationship dynamics. When you understand who the pleasure is for, you hold the emotional awareness to consciously relate and it’s within this place you’ll start choosing quality touch and stop going along with unwanted experiences.

Become your own master at channeling, feeling and moving your own life force within the body so you can start to experience a better relationship with yourself first. Once we shift from disconnect to connection within ourselves we’ll be able to access and fully explore sexual energy and pleasure in sacred inner union

Dates: TBA SOON 


First Wednesday Of the Month Causal Online Class


Conscious Relating with Self so we can Relate consciously with others.


Is communication an area that your relationship lacks? Tired, exhausted from having to explain things over and over? Do you feel like your partner is taking something from you or perhaps they’re holding an expression of love that you deeply desire? Feeling rejected, resentful, frustrated, bitter or numb.


If experiencing power struggle after power struggle and a sense of distance when you know deep down that there is something deeper and more meaningful to experience in your relationship but just not quite sure how to have it? 

Deeper Lovers is a 6 week program that will evolve you from draining love to nurturing love, each week you will be guided through practices using a framework that will have you reflecting on the role you play within the relationship. 

You will gain a deeper understanding of your attachment styles and what drives them so you can create healthier choices and shift out of toxic behaviour that’s holding your relationship back from experiencing the blissful love deep spiritual oneness that you CRAVE and DESERVE..

“We have been conditioned for hundreds of years. We have to unlearn everything we have been taught to relearn who we are.” ~ Stephen Porges, Polyvagal Theory


Dates: This is currently on the first Wednesday of the month and the investment is only $40, this is to make it more accessible during challenging to help those in need. You can take advantage of this crazy special till the end of the year 2024 


In 2024 This will go back to a 6 week program at a much higher pricen


Self paced online course online course (Lifetime access)

Awaken your erotic self is a beginners guide into Shibari and erotic play; 

Learn the basic foundations of Shibari 

RACK (safe awareness consensual Kink) 

The art of intimacy in flogging and spanking

Explore impact play





Energy Orgasms

Solo Energy Orgasms Mastery

6 week Online Small group coaching

Energy Orgasm Mastery is an unique and transformative experience that can help you unlock a new level of pleasure and fulfilment in your life. You will learn techniques to harness your body’s natural energy flow and channel it towards achieving inner harmony & peace. Energy Orgasms are not only about achieving deep, satisfying orgasms that go beyond the physical as you soon tune into this orgasmic energy you can expect to feel more confident in how to cultivate and circulate it within the body, deepening your intimacy and enhancing your sexual experiences as you come to a place of self love & self acceptance. 


What to expect :

Feeling present in the body

Reconnect to your body  

Clear emotional blockages and physical tension in the body so you don’t have to pay thousands handing your power over for others to heal you (Become your own healer)

Learn how to have orgasms without physical touch

Harness sexual energy to fuel everyday living & live more blissfully

Learn the secret to full body multiple, orgasms that will give you out of body experiences

The secrets to energetic sex

Authentic slow sex 

Feel more liberated and sexually confident

DATES: June 8th 6.30pm-8.00pm-

Small intimate group coaching (max 10 participants)

Application process only to ensure this offering is a good fit for you

Investment: $997

EarlyBird: $600

Valentines Special

Self paced online course online course (Lifetime access)


This online workshop is perfect for beginners it’s designed to empower women into their authentic feminine expression

In this valentine’s workshop you will learn;

How to give a lap dance
Feel more confident seducing yourself and your lover
Learn erotic dance flows
Become best-friends with your inner sacred slut
Learn how to make magnetic eye contact
Feel sensually embodied


3 other expert teachers in movement, erotic floor work, learn to twerk, elemental archetype


Duration 4 week online small group coaching program

March 14th Is what they call Valentines day for men so I thought I put together StripTease 101 a weekly build on to have you feeling sexy and in your body embodied

Uniquely designed to sposh up your next Valentine’s day. You will learn all the basic foundations on how to structure a strip, how to incorporate to burnt time eg; like light yourself on fire and many more tips and tricks on how to turn an ordinary lap dance routine into something fun, sensual, wildly sexy, and highly saucy.  PLUS you will receive 5 different playlist personally handpicked by Perth’s top leading well paid show girls & Dj’s themselves!

So you can dance to your strength because let’s face it the hardest part is finding the right music. The rest is just a learnt skill.


What you get :

  • 5 playlist to explore you seductress
  • Step by step guidance on how to structure the whole striptease
  • Homework exercises
  • Confidence building embodiment practices,
  • Implementation plus group accountability to bounce ideas off
  • Weekly support in private fb group
  • Zoom group coaching Q&A
  • Replay each week

Dates: Mid January 2024


Location: Zoom online Perth WA (GMT+8)

Time: 9.30am Perth

Gold Coast 11.30am; Melbourne & Sydney ; 12.30noon, 

Los Angeles, US 5.30pm 

Investment: $350

EarlyBird: $250