Become tantric Lovers

A rare opportunity to learn 

the art of sensual touch

Who is mastery of massage for ?


A rare opportunity to learn the art of massage and become a better healer, generous soul, or develop a deeper connection with your partner.

Our expert masseuse graciously imparts her skills and knowledge in a range of techniques (including Thai, Swedish, Tantric, Kahuna and body de-armouring), from a place of love and compassion. Apart from alleviating physical and emotional stress, massage is a wonderful way to engage the senses and connect with your lover in a more intimate way.

In the art of sacred sexuality, our bodies meet to physically express what is felt in our hearts and souls


  • Learn new skills and a blend of ancient techniques, without depleting your resources
  • Expand your awareness so that you can intuitively alleviate tension by tuning in to the subtleties of energy flow between you as a couple, and remove any blockages
  • Gain confidence and be empowered to achieve a deeper and more intense level of intimacy, whether for relaxation or arousal before lovemaking
  • Experience full sensual immersion, allowing you to transcend the duality of mind / body and connect to your partner’s whole energy

Mastery of Massage Packages

Master sensual body massage

Learn non sexual and involves non genital touch. This massage is all about tunning into our body and becoming one with ourselves and our lover through the art of our breath and quality touch.
  • The art of sensual body massage

Tantric Lovers

Learn what it means to truely be present with a lover, to active sexual energy and how one can move it around the body to experince full body blissful states
  • Learn Kahuna Massage
  • Learn Yoni Massage
  • Learn Lingam Massage
  • 3 x Session. Total 7 hour package

Integrated Deep Lovers

This package is taliored for those committed to evolve as lovers. This is a 6 month journey once a month or sooner if you desire. This package requires a commitment to each other as you both fine tune and integrate the work deeper each time.
$2200 / 6 Month Package
  • 2x Learn Kahuna Massage
  • 2 Learn Yoni Massage
  • 2x Learn Lingam Massage
  • 6x Sessions 12 hours total