Are You ready to

Experience the Love

you know you Deserve?

Are You Ready to Experience the Love

You Know You Deserve?

Welcome to Evolved Lovers, where men, women and couples experience sexual and emotional fulfilment through relationship and sexual coaching. I strongly believe that sexual intimacy plays a crucial role in fostering human connection. That is why I’m here to assist couples and individuals to overcome sexual challenges and revitalize this intimate aspect of their romantic & sexual lives. 

Every human, at some point in their life, faces one or another sexual challenge. However, these sexual challenges are not permanent and can be easily treated with the right guidance! All I need is for you to put your trust in me to help you navigate your sexual difficulties with confidence and grace so you gain exceptional results. 

I am Skye, your Intimacy Coach, and you are here to begin this euphoric journey with me. Yes, the journey towards your Sexual freedom!

I specialize in sexual coaching. As a trained pleasure and relationship coach, for more than ten years now, I have been guiding individuals and couples to achieve a deeper level of emotional and physical intimacy. I am helping them improve sexual confidence and communication around intimacy and strengthen their relationships

I Support Men, Women, & Couples To Help Them Overcome Sexual Difficulties

Whether it’s performance anxiety, lack of communication, or difficulty achieving orgasm, these issues can chip away at self-confidence and, sadly, also create distance within a relationship. At Evolved Lovers, my sexual coaching addresses issues like:

  • Overcome low libido
  • Learning how to receive
  • Inability to orgasm during sex
  • Sensitizing the G-spot for internal orgasms
  • Learning how to squirt
  • Understanding desires, wants and needs
  • Sexual trauma, abuse, & rape
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Performance anxiety
  • Porn addictions
  • Insecurities around sex
  • Painful intercourse
  • Unhealed relationship wounds
  • Bored in the bedroom, and more!

My job is my passion! I am here ready and willing to share my precious knowledge on sexual intimacy and healing gained from various mentors and tantric teachers both overseas and in Australia over the years. As an intimacy coach, navigating through sexual challenges for couples and individuals, improving communication, igniting passion, and achieving greater happiness & fulfillment in their relationships is my ultimate goal.

Non-Judgemental & Holistic Coaching for Gaining Sexual Confidence

Tailored to your specific needs and goals, I approach with a non-judgmental, compassionate, and holistic viewpoint. For individuals, I work to heal your relationship with yourself, build self-love and self-acceptance, revive your sense of desire, and reconnect intimately with your authentic self. I assist couples in improving communication, building emotional intimacy, exploring each other’s needs, and reigniting passion. As a relationship coach for engaged couples, my premarital counselling empowers them with the communication skills, clarity, and understanding needed to navigate the transition into marriage and build a strong foundation for the long run.

Heat Whats Others Have to Say

Your Secret Is Safe With Us!

At Evolved Lovers, I understand that emotional and sexual intimacy can be a sensitive topic, so we give the utmost importance to your privacy and confidentiality. Also, my sexual coaching  provides a secure, judgment-free environment for openness and growth. 

Let’s talk and see how I might support you on your path to greater happiness, self-esteem, and love. A more meaningful, connected relationship starts with a simple conversation. I’d love to hear from you!

Let’s Talk About Gaining Sexual Confidence