About Evolved Lovers

In today’s busy world, it’s common for us to feel disconnected emotionally, physically, and spiritually from ourselves and our loved ones. The demands of daily life often lead us to neglect our own needs for physical intimacy and pleasure and the profound rewards they can bring.

Society tends to shame us for our sexual desires, resulting in unhealthy fears, inhibitions, and behaviors. However, by dedicating time to honor our core needs and rhythms, we can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives beyond our imagination.


At Evolved Lovers, we refuse to settle for the ordinary and instead embrace the extraordinary beauty that arises when we live authentically from within. Our approach to sexual coaching combines spirituality, sexuality, and science in a unique and creative manner. With extensive training worldwide and a range of proven methods and techniques of physical intimacy, we provide you with a transformative experience that brings awareness to your own needs.
In just a few sexual coaching sessions, you’ll gain a comprehensive “sexual satisfaction toolkit” that will serve you for a lifetime. At Evolved Lovers, you’ll embark on a journey to uncover the hidden gifts within yourself. You’ll reclaim your inner fire, embrace your sexual body without shame, overcome your sexual challenges, and cultivate the confidence to celebrate, stimulate, and nurture your core desires boldly. Ultimately, you’ll experience mind-blowing, passionate, full-body energetic orgasms that surpass anything you’ve ever known.


  • INDIVIDUALS/COUPLE COACHING: A Comprehensive sexual empowerment coaching session designed for men, women, and couples to overcome sexual challenges and become more sensual, sexual, and confident!
  • YONI MAPPING: Discover the potential of your Yoni through a sensual massage session guided by our expert pleasure coach. The Yoni Massage session will make you feel sexually alive and embrace your body with confidence!
  • MASTERY OF MASSAGE TRAINING: This sexual coaching session is all about learning the art of massage and sensual touch to become a better healer and a generous soul and develop a deeper connection with your partner. Our pleasure coach will impart her skills and help you learn various techniques, like Kahuna, tantric, Swedish, Thai, and body de-armouring.
  • SHIBARI CLASSES/KINBAKU: If you want to spice up your sex life, say goodbye to sexual challenges, and awake into your eroticism, Shibari rope bondage training is for you. The Shibari classes will help you learn how to surrender your body and discover your desires!
  • Touch Work: Our transformative touch work sessions that will boost your confidence in receiving touch. Through our sessions, you’ll learn how to identify your personal wants and needs, enabling you to value, trust, and communicate them with ease. This process will empower you to deepen both physical and emotional intimacy, letting go of any experiences that do not align with your desires. Embrace a renewed sense of agency and embrace the joy of authentic connection.


Our skilled pleasure and relationship coach, Skye Stevenson, is dedicated to supporting you in this transformative process. Whether you seek guidance in exploring shibari rope bondage, tantric massage, yoni mapping, couple coaching, or enhancing individual sexual and physical intimacy, we are here to empower you on your journey of sexual self-discovery and fulfillment through this sensual sexual empowerment coaching.