About Evolved Lovers

The modern world can often make us feel like we are in a sea of endless chaos and confusion. On the surface we may seem fine, but deep down many of us are starved of authentic emotional, physical and spiritual connection. While we busy ourselves with the mundane challenges of everyday life, it’s easy to forget that we deserve to experience intimate pleasure and the rewards it brings.

Society primes us to deny our true feelings and we often feel shame for our sexual desires, which can lead to unhealthy fears, inhibitions, habits and behaviours.

By devoting time to honouring our core needs (and rhythms) we can live a healthier, more fulfilling and perhaps even a more extraordinary life than we imagined.

At Evolved lovers we refuse to accept the ordinary, instead, we choose to revel in the magnificent beauty that surrounds us when we live from the inside out.

Our unique and creative style of Sex and Intimacy Coaching is a blend of spirituality, sexuality and science. With a range of proven methods and effective techniques, mastered through years of extensive training around the world, you will walk away achieving new awareness of your own needs.